Andarine S4: Pro’s & Con’s reviewed

Andarine: an overview of a newly developed SARM

SARMs or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators have gained a lot of popularity over the last years thanks to their various health benefits. Those compounds are similar to steroids but they still have their differences. The impressive thing about SARMs is the fact that they were actually developed by accident. In the Nineties, professor Dalton was working on various treatments for prostate cancer and he discovered the molecule known as andarine; the first SARM to be identified. So, what exactly is this molecule and why has it gained such popularity?

Andarine: a brief overview

Andarine, commonly known as S-4 or S-40503 belongs to the category of selective androgen receptor modulators. It binds to the androgen receptor and affects the human body in various ways. As mentioned earlier, Andarine was developed by accident. Despite that fact, the molecule was soon thoroughly investigated as a possible agent against osteoporosis and muscle loss. Originally, Andarine was described as the perfect SARM, thanks to its high bioavailability and impressive effects. However, after a while, other promising agents of this category were developed that seemed safer to use.

Produced by GTX Inc, Andarine is less potent than similar SARMs and has a half-life of about 3-6 hours. It doesn’t aromatize and therefore, no excessive levels of estrogen are being produced.

Mechanism of action

SARMS typically bind to androgen receptors and mimick the effects of testosterone. Andarine is no exception. The molecule has a high affinity to the androgen receptors situated in the human muscles and bones. It can also, bind to the androgen receptors in the reproductive system but not that strongly. The preference of both Andarine and similar drugs towards binding to the receptors in our bones and muscles justifies their decreased danger of causing side effects, compared to anabolic steroids.

When Andarine binds to the androgen receptor and activates it, then protein synthesis is enhanced. Protein synthesis is vital for muscle building and that’s why bodybuilders are among the most staunch supporters of Andarine and other SARMs. In order to achieve its action, Andarine mimics the effects of testosterone. The cells in both the bones and muscles feel like they are flooded with androgens. The androgen receptors are not capable of receiving any more molecules and they quickly become saturated. That sends the message to every nearby cell, including muscle cells to start growing.

Uses of Andarine

A lot of scientific research has been made to establish the effects and uses of Andarine, as well as possible side effects. However, so far there are no sufficient data regarding the clinical use of this drug on humans. Based on the existing data, Andarine has been associated with the following effects and uses.

-Increased muscle growth

In various animal studies, Andarine has shown promising results in the fight against muscle wasting. In most cases, Andarine managed to increase the average muscle of rats considerably. Its effects resemble those developed by the use of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) with the advantage that Andarine causes no prostate enlargement. Moreover, Andarine seems capable of restoring lean muscle in rats after some weeks of usage.

-Increased bone strength

Andarine can effectively increase bone strength and bone mineral density. That special ability of this compound makes it a promising candidate for our fight against osteoporosis. Moreover, the drug’s ability to not only improve the strength of the bones but the strength of muscles as well accounts for its beneficial role in osteoporosis. It will not only decrease bone loss, but it will also, protect patients from the risk of falls and fractures.

-Alternative to testosterone replacement therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy is definitely associated with some long-term side effects. However, it can be quite useful in men suffering from low testosterone levels and therefore, decreased energy levels, a bad mood, and a loss of sexual appetite. SARMs, like Andarine have been explored in helping men increase the levels of testosterone. Moreover, bodybuilders prefer to take Andarine in order to increases the efficacy of steroid cycles without suffering from health risks.

Fat loss

Andarine has the ability to help in fat loss. It promotes the use of fats for releasing energy, instead of proteins or carbs. When taken with protein-rich foods, Andarine can prevent muscle loss and help you lose those extra pounds quickly. Furthermore, Andarine can effectively remove the extra water from the body. That is particularly important for bodybuilders wishing to get muscular since it can make their body look sharp, strong, and shredded.

Safety concerns and health risks

SARMs are generally supposed to have fewer side effects compared to steroids. However, the lack of sufficient clinical evidence surrounding their development justifies the various concerns both individuals and health professionals may have. Some of the most serious side effects that have been recorded in people taking SARMs are liver damage and an increased danger of having a stroke or heart attack. Other usual effects have to do with visual issues, including difficulty adjusting to night vision or a yellow tint.

Most of those side effects typically disappear when the drug is discontinued. Higher doses also, seem to have more serious side effects, and in some cases, even psychiatric problems, including depression may appear. Since Andarine doesn’t aromatize and therefore, doesn’t turn into estrogen, side effects associated with this type of molecule, including high blood pressure, water retention or other serious cardiovascular issues are not usually a problem. The good thing about Andarine is the fact that most of its side effects are fully reversible. That being said, after you stop taking the drug, you will stop suffering from any of the effects mentioned above. Andarine causes no permanent damage and it cannot harm any of your organs.

Post Cycle Therapy is also, a good option in order to get rid of any side effects that made their appearance while you were taking Andarine. However, since Andarine is not such a potent drug, there is no need for you to get a super potent PCT. Just a mild one will do the job pretty well. The cycle typically lasts 4 full weeks and by the end, your energy levels will increase significantly and your overall mood will be perfect. After the end of the Post Cycle Therapy, another SARM cycle can follow.

Safe Dosage

Since there are no sufficient clinical data, we do not know the safe dosage of this drug. In dogs and rats, however, Andarine has an average half-life of about 200 minutes. Former users of this drug have claimed that the common dosage ranges between 50 and 75 mg per day. Each dosage is preferably taken along with food and the total dosage is divided into 3 equal doses. There is also, the option to start with a lower dose, that of 25 to 50 mg per day. The main issue with Andarine and SARMs, in general, is the fact that in many cases, their quality is highly questionable. That’s because a lot of products are marketed as SARMs but in truth, most of them are inaccurately labeled.

Legality of Andarine

As with almost every SARM on the market nowadays, Andarine has not been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration of America. However, it is nowadays, under a lot of investigation for its various properties. Special focus is made on its anti-cancer properties. Various types of cancer, including prostate, and breast have been marked as possible targets of Andarine. Moreover, this compound is still investigated as a promising cure for osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases.

In the sports industry, SARMs including Andarine are in the list of prohibited drugs. Athletes are not allowed to take such drugs because they may gain superiority in their performance compared to their fellow athletes. For both clinical and investigational research, Andarine is legal and it is sold in bottles. A lot of bodybuilders, however, purchase those bottles online. Getting any type of SARM from a trustworthy agent is the only proof you can get that your drug will not be contaminated. Contaminated Andarine is responsible for most of the side effects former users of the drug have claimed to have experienced.

Andarine vs anabolic steroids

Andarine, as well as most SARMs works by selectively attaching to the androgenic receptor. After it binds to the receptor, it mimics the effects of testosterone. That alone makes those drugs stand out among competitors, including anabolic steroids. They can help people build their muscles, and prevent both bone and muscle wastage, as well as water retention. However, unlike anabolic steroids, those drugs do not aromatize. Therefore, they do not turn into estrogen and they cannot bring about side effects, like hormonal abnormalities. Moreover, steroids are known to damage both the liver and the kidneys if they are used for a long period of time.

Andarine is a popular drug that has been investigated a lot over the last years. Its various properties and benefits make it a promising therapeutic agent for conditions, like cancer, depression, and osteoporosis. However, the drug is currently illegal in most parts of the world and the FDA has not yet approved it. Although it is a mild SARM that’s not so dangerous, receiving it from trustworthy agents is vital to avoid dangerous contaminations. 

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