Cardarine (gw501516): Pro’s & Con’s of this SARM

A Detailed Cardarine Review

As you know that in the past few years, the health and medical industry has evolved a lot. And now there are different kinds of drugs and medicines available that can be used to treat different kinds of problems. Cardarine is one of the best examples of it. This drug has become very popular all the world and many professional bodybuilders and athletes use it to enhance their performance. However, it is known for its benefits but there are many confusions regarding it spread all over the internet.

Some people praise it for its amazing health properties while others criticize it for being unhealthy and dangerous. So now the question arise that what is the real truth and which side you should be? Well, if you want to get a detailed answer, then you should consider reading this article. Here you will get all the information that will help you draw a better conclusion. So let’s get started.

What Is Cardarine?

Cardarine, also known as Endurbol and gw-501516 was developed in the 90s and it is well recognized for being a PPAR delta agonist. The main objective to make Cardarine was to treat heart diseases such as diabetes and it was also a part of cancer research in which scientist were working to create a chemical that can stop tumor growth. Soon it became very popular for its ability to cut body fat, boost the metabolic rate, reduce recovery period, increase muscle growth, and so on. Due to this, it also gained massive popularity in bodybuilding, and people started using it as muscle and performance-enhancing drug.

There are many people who think Cardarine is a SARM, but that’s not true at all. If you look scientifically, then the structure of Cardarine is different from SARMs and it also doesn’t act on androgen receptors just like SARMs do. Cardarine is a PPAR and is chemically arranged to be agonists, which bind to sensor proteins. They are found in the fatty acids and muscles around the body and when activated, they can enhance the ability of the body to burn fat. These proteins are helpful in increasing muscle endurance, which makes them very beneficial to bodybuilders as they can easily do workouts for longer duration without feeling tired or exhausted. It also enables the bodybuilders to put more stress on their muscles to make them grow bigger. One thing you have to keep in mind that it doesn’t function like a stimulant, which means it won’t affect the blood pressure levels.

Now some of you might be thinking about how this drug works. Well as you know that Cardarine binds to the PPAR receptor, which increases the oxidative capacity in the muscles. This leads to more fat loss and a sudden hike in endurance levels. Our body uses glucose as the source of energy but Cardarine switches the energy source to fat. In simple words, it results in glucose metabolism suppression and this is the main thing that caught the attention of both athletes and scientists. Athletes used it to improve their endurance and scientists are interested because it increases insulin sensitivity, which makes it a potential remedy to cure Diabetes.

Because of its amazing ability to suppress glucose metabolism, people started using it to eliminate extra fat. According to some studies, Cardarine can effectively elevate the usage of the oxygen of slow-twitch fibers, which helps in making the recovery process faster. This means if you work out with low to medium intensity, then you can stretch your workout time frame. However, it doesn’t provide huge muscle gains but it can be a good program for beginners as it can improve their stability and also helps in muscle hypertrophy.

One interesting thing about Cardarine is that it can be used for both cutting and bulking but the dosages depend on the week you are in the cycle. Cardarine has a half-life of 15 to 25 hours and due to this, it is recommended to take 10 to 20 mg of Cardarine/pay. For people whose main objective is to cut fat, it is recommended to take 2 dosages of 10mgs/day, where you have to take one dosage three hours prior to exercise. One similarity between SARMs and Cardarine is that Cardarine cycles also last for 12 weeks. This is the maximum limit to keeping yourself safe from the severe side effects.

Benefits Of Cardarine

However, if you compare Cardarine with other anabolic steroids, then it is less effective but still, it is a famous drug in the bodybuilding industry. This is only because of the benefits it offers. So let’s take a look at the benefits that made Cardarine so popular:

1- Improve Heart Health

One of the biggest benefits of Cardarine is that it reduces cholesterol levels, which reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Cardarine comes with amazing anti-inflammatory properties and due to this, it minimizes the symptoms of oxidative damage as well as boost the levels of nitric oxide in your arteries. Apart from this, researches have also shown that it protects you from different kinds of heart problems and reduces the potential complexities of cardiovascular diseases. Cardarine also fights against the plaque and prevents it from building into the arteries. Furthermore, it was also reported that it can boost the development of new cells and blood vessels.

2- Burns Fat

As you know the liver has a very vital role in releasing, storing, and burning fats. And the good thing is that Cardarine primarily targets liver. This is the reason why its effects are so beneficial for fitness athletes. Along with this, it also cuts fat faster in comparison to other common fat burners. Now the science behind this is very simple. Cardarine blocks the production of the fatty acids chains, which keeps the body from storing fat. It also makes the body use fat as the energy source. However, it provides the same benefits as starvation mode but unlike the traditional fat loss system, it does not cause muscle mass deterioration.

3- Brain Protection

Another great benefit of Cardarine is that it maintains proper blood follow to the brain, which keeps your brain vessels protected from oxidative stress. Being a PPAR, Cardarine helps in boosting the growth of nerve cells and provides anti-inflammatory effects. Apart from this, Cardarine also affects the blood flow vessels positively, which means it doesn’t only protect you from strokes but it also keeps your safe from a brain hemorrhage. There are also some reports that shown Cardarine can promote brain development.

4- Muscle Growth

Cardarine activates PPAR-delta, which increases the growth rate of the muscles. It also elevates the energy levels and helps you lift weight more effectively. As you know that to do an intense workout, you need higher endurance. Cardarine boosts your endurance levels and protects your from muscle soreness. Along with this, one main thing that sets Cardarine apart from others is that it does not suppress your testosterone production.

It doesn’t affect your natural hormones and due to this, you don’t need any PCT. However, it is recommended to have a post cycle therapy but it’s not mandatory. Unlike anabolic steroids, it doesn’t provide any estrogen-related effects to your body, which makes it a great option to stack with SARMs.

Side Effects

Having information about the side effects is one of the most important things. You are putting a chemical in your body, so you must know everything. Just like every other performance-enhancing drug, Cardarine has also some side effects that everyone should know before using it.

Cause Digestive Issues

According to some studies, Cardarine can be a potential threat to your digestive system. It can damage your digestive system and can cause different kinds of digestive issues. There are also some users who reported that they have felt stomach cramps and stomach aching during the Cardarine cycle. Along with this, some people also reported that they had irregular bowel movements and common digestive problems such as diarrhea and constipation.

Liver Damage

This is one of the most dangerous side effects of Cardarine. Though there is no doubt that it doesn’t harm your body as the anabolic steroids do but you should only use minimal dosages. Apart from this, when this drug was on the testing phase, then it caused cancer and liver problems in mice. So if you are thinking to use it, then the only suggestion is that you should use it under proper guidance.


So this was all the information that you should know about Cardarine. Now when you have all the important information regarding Cardarine, it will be easy for you to understand whether it is worth the hype or not. Though if you look at the effects of this drug properly, then you will realize that it is not as powerful as other famous steroids. And this is the reason why it is not counted as a powerful muscle hypertrophy drug.

Cardarine has no estrogenic effects and it also does not interfere with your natural testosterone levels. This makes it a good complementary drug that can be used with other anabolic steroids to enhance their results.

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