RAD 140 Supplement: The Complete Guide in 2021

Review of RAD 140

If you are a bodybuilder and would like to explore various supplements and muscle enhancing options, then you may be in the right place. We will be talking about RAD140 because it is creating quite a bit of excitement in the fitness world amongst body builders, certain classes and types of athletes and even fitness enthusiasts who are keen on developing and bulking muscles and tissues.

There is no denying the fact that the market is filled with different types of supplements that help in bulking, cutting down on fats and other such tasks. Most of them are classified under two major heads. The first is the anabolic steroid group of supplements and the other is the SARMS group of muscle enhancers. Both are unique in their own ways and have respective advantages and shortcomings. In this article we will be looking at RAD 140 and this is a well known brand of SARMs supplement that has been liked and used by thousands of customers across the world.

We will spend some time understanding this product features and try and come to a conclusion whether it is a good product with the right benefits. We also will look at the side effects, suggested dosages and other such useful pieces of information. However, before doing so, we will get started by understanding the basic of SARMs and why they are being used more numbers of people across the world.

What Are SARMs

SARMS is the acronym for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. These are basically a novel and new class of androgen receptor agents. They have the same type of affects as androgenic drugs but their action is much more selective. Hence, they are considered suited for a much wider range of uses when compared to the various anabolic steroids that are available in the markets today.

They are also considered to be safer when compared to many anabolic steroids because of their focused targeting of the muscles, tissues and other parts of the body where the results are expected. They do not come with the serious side effects that are often a big problem with the many brands of anabolic steroids that are used by body builders, athletes and others who want to have good bodies. They are also famous for being able to provide the users with lean muscles and also could play a big role in reducing unwanted fat from various parts of the body.

Now that we have a reasonably good idea about the meaning, scope and definition of SARMS let us try and have a closer look at RAD140. We are sure it will help the readers understand this muscle enhancing product from a better perspective. It will help them to take a decision based on facts and figures rather than being driven by hearsays and opinions. We are sure that the readers will be able to make an objective and informed decision and will also be aware of the possible side effects and other negative attributes of this product.

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What Exactly is RAD140?

To begin with let us understand that RAD140 is one of the newest SARMS in the market. It is still under research but it still continues to be used by thousands of body builders, athletes and others. It belongs to the Testolone group of SARMS. Apart from being quite effective in building lean and strong muscles and tissues, it also has other classical features and benefits that are associated with any good SARMS based product. It also could play a big role in reducing fat and burning away those extra layers of lipid tissues that get accumulated in various parts of the body. Further, more and more users are turning to RAD140 because it is considered to be a much safer alternative to androgenic steroids.

Those who have used this supplement also have a few things positive to say about it. They believe that it helps in bulking quite efficiently and it happens quite fast when compared to other such alternatives available in the market today. Yes, it also has properties that help the users to enhance their stamina and endurance especially during and after workouts. This helps them to burn fat more efficiently and also gives a better look and shape to their muscles apart from making them strong. It may also be useful in strengthening bones and joins quite significantly.

What Makes It Different From Other Such Products?

Those who have studied RAD 140 and also have used it believed that it could be one of the strongest SARMS out there in the market place. It has all the positives that are part of other SARMs and other anabolic steroids but does not come with the negative and damaging side effects that are associated with other alternatives. Those who have been using it for the past few years have a few more positive things to say about it. They believe that they were able to see positive improvement in the overall bulking and muscle-enhancing qualities of the body. It has helped them to improve dry or lean mass quite rapidly. At the same time, they also have been able to burn away the extra inches of fat quite efficiently.

It is a product that works well both for beginners and experienced users and this is what makes RAD140 highly versatile when compared to other such products in the market. It starts to work even on smaller dosages. Users have shared stories as to how they were able to gain around 8 to 10 lbs in a matter of 6 to 7 weeks. It is one of the few such products that have a highly efficient anabolic to androgenic ratio. This is perhaps because of the technology that has gone behind the making of this muscle enhancing supplement. It would be pertinent to mention here that Testolone comes with a ratio of 80:1 and this makes it a perfectly suited product for bodybuilding.

This supplement was introduced on in the late 2000s, but because of its safety coupled with effectiveness, RAD140 has started to gain popularity among a large section of users. Apart from athletes and body builders, average men with a dream of a strong and muscular body also have started making use of it. The biggest reason for such confidence is perhaps it is well-tolerated while offering the same results that any other SARMS or androgenic steroids offer to them.

Pros & Cons

Here are some common advantages of using RAD 140:

  • Helps to increase testosterone levels quite dramatically.
  • Is relatively freely from the steroidal side effects that many people fear.
  • Has documented results as far as improvement in muscular strength and massing of muscles are concerned.
  • Could also protect the brain from damages caused by ageing.
  • It does not seemingly cause any damage to the vital organs like lungs, liver, heart, brain and the kidneys.
  • Increases stamina, endurance and staying power quite significantly.
  • It also exhibits certain properties that help in burning extra and unwanted fat.
  • Side effects are not very significant provided the users follow the recommended dosage.

The following are some disadvantages of using RAD140:

  • Loss of hair.
  • Various other side effects that are commonly associated with SARMs
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Skin problems including acne.
  • Some men could suffer from enlarged breasts or a condition known as gynecomastia.
  • A few men also have talked about problems as far as prostate health is concerned.

Other Benefits That Are Worth Mentioning

While we have looked at the benefits for body builders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts, research suggests that RAD 140 could also have many other benefits. It may help people who suffer from muscle related degenerative orders. It also could come in handy for people suffering from muscular dystrophy. Patients going through chemotherapy may also get some results using RAD 140. It also is being used regularly for people who are suffering from prostate, breast and cachexia related cancers. It also could help in increasing brain cell growth. It is supposedly a wonderful product that could protect the brain from the harmful impact of amyloid beta proteins and this could prevent deadly diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Side Effects

While RAD 140 is relatively safe, it would be wrong to mention that it is totally free from side effects. People often complain of increased aggressiveness when they are using this product. Other common side effects include nausea, suppression in the levels of testosterone, short temper accompanied by headaches, hair loss both in women and men and increased levels of anxiety.


While the dosage varies from person to person, beginners are advised to start with lower dosages. They should start with a dosage of 8 to 10 mg from 6-8 weeks. The half-life of this product is around 15 to 16 hours and therefore it would be better to start with a lower dosage. The dosage could be gradually increased to 20 mg per day. However, the supplement should not be used beyond 10 weeks.


While there is no doubt that RAD 140 is a great SARMS with a proven track record, it would always be advisable to be careful with the dosages. The users should never exceed the maximum dosage limits set by the manufacturers. Further, if a person has some pre-existing illnesses and other such problems, he or she should be careful using this supplement. But all said and done, there is no doubt that RAD 140 could be a breakthrough product when it comes to bulking, enhancing muscles, increasing stamina, and burning excess fat.

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