YK11 SARM Review: Pro’s & Con’s

Introduction to YK11

SARM are being used extensively amongst thousands of bodybuilders, sportspersons and other stakeholders. The market is filled with dozens of such products. This is good news but at the same time, making the right choice is not easy because of a number of reasons. Lack of knowledge and information is perhaps the biggest impediment. Further, many different makes and brands of SARM have their own stories to tell. This makes the task of choosing the right product quite difficult. However, if we go by latest reports and trends, there are many reasons to believe that a new product by the name YK11 is creating waves. It is creating a lot of excitement in the world of bodybuilding. This is because it seemingly has the ability to offer great physical gain. This in turn might improve the mental and emotional confidence levels of those who are using this product. Hence, we thought it would be a good idea to have a closer look at this SARM product so that the readers are better informed about it.

Some Basic Details About YK11

The product came into the market in 2011 and since then it has been growing in popularity charts quite significantly. The product was introduced by a famous Japanese Researchers. He has worked on this product alone. He is known to have the right experience and expertise in in-vitro cellular studies. However, the users should bear in mind that trials on human beings have not yet been made, but the product continues to be available in the market. Many might be concerned about the lack of research. However, this has not prevented the sale of this muscle enhancing product. It is quite popular with body builders, weight-lifting professionals, and some segments of athletes and even some ordinary persons who are keen on having the best of body with taut, lean and mean muscles and perhaps even enviable six pack abs. The reason for the growing popularity of YK11 could be because of a number of reasons. The most obvious reason is that it belongs to the SARM class of supplements and it does not have any side effect whatsoever.

It Has High Potency

Those who have used this product believe that it is very strong with potent results. Hence, many of them would not mind classifying YK11 under the category of anabolic steroids. This is perhaps because it has a more discriminating impact as far as androgen receptors are concerned. This is perhaps contrary to most SARMs that work totally as androgen receptors and do not show any qualities that could be considered as selective. However, experts believe that these are early days and much more research needs to be done before things become clearer.

How Does YK11 Work?

Based on cellular testing there are a few things that stand out as far as YK11 is concerned. The studies have shown that this compound has the capability to improve and enhances the size and quality of muscles and tissues. It does so by ensuring the increase of a substance called Follistatin. This could come in handy when it comes to muscle building. The studies have shown that YK11 has the capability of blocking another substance called Myostatin. This helps the compound to work more efficiently and helps in the increase of Follistatin.

Further, it also may have the capability of promoting bone health. It does this by being in a position to stimulate protein. We all know that protein is extremely vital and important when it comes to bone building. Further, those who are into bodybuilding also believe that YK11 comes with the additional feature of improving fat burning capabilities and this when combined with muscle gain, could make it a wonderful choice. Further, it is relatively free from side effects and other such problems.

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What Are The Benefits of SARM?

Though these are early days, there are reasons to believe that YK11 has some obvious benefits and these cannot be ignored. The biggest and most positive takeaway is perhaps that this supplement is quite safe and the side effects are much less when compared to various anabolic steroids that are available in the market. The compound has a unique mechanism and this targets certain cells. This brings down the risk of side effects quite significantly when compared to various other forms of SARMs, and of course anabolic steroids. It also compares extremely well with other human growth hormones. Other benefits include

  • Muscle growth. It may have a better track record when it comes to enhancing muscle growth. It can perhaps do it better without water retention or the various side effects that are part of such muscle building regimens and workouts.
  • Hardening of muscles. It may also be helpful in increasing the levels of fullness and density of muscles and adjoining tissues without causing any damage to their suppleness and flexibility.
  • It is rich in the substance Follistatin and this could help block the negative impact of Myostatin. This could lead to decreased chance of muscle growth retardation.
  • The studies done so far point to the fact that YK11 may help quite a bit in increasing overall endurance, strength, hasten recovery ties and also give a fillip to energy levels.
  • It also could help in hastening fat loss because the fat burning may be replaced by gains that happen to solid and lean muscle mass.

What Should Be The Dosage

In the absence of any living trials, it may not be possible to have a fix on the long term effects of YK11 especially when it is used at higher doses. Hence, it would always be better to get started with a lower dosage of 5 mg per day. This is a must for those who are trying this drug out for the first time. Smaller doses may not result in immediate results. You could slowly start increasing the dosage and move to 10-20 mg per day. Going by the record of other SARM supplements in the market this dosage can easily be tolerated. However, make sure that the entire cycle of YK11 does not exceed 8 weeks. In some cases even a cycle of 4 weeks could be enough and give the desired results.

You should bear in mind the higher dosage mean more side effects and this is the case with all testosterone enhancing products including anabolic steroids and SARM based products and supplements.

Women should start with a lower dosage of 0.5 to 2 mg and that too for a maximum of 4 to 8 weeks. Women may find this product a better alternative. This is because of the fact that it does not have the various virilization side effects that are a problem with most SARM based solutions.

There is no much information about the half-life of YK11. But if we are to go by hearsays and opinions, the half life is remarkably short. Therefore there may a need to break the dosage into smaller quantities and it may have to be taken multiple times every day. Only then the desired results may be visible.

What Do End Users Have To Say

There is no doubt that proof of the pudding lies in eating. Based on the experiences of many users, there are people who believe that YK11 could be one of the best testosterone boosters that belong to the SARM category. Let us try and share a few feedbacks from those who have used this drug.

Most of the feedbacks are positive and they are seemingly quite happy about the safety aspects of YK11. They have mentioned that there are not many adverse side effects. A few of them have mentioned about some teething problems like headache, dizziness, stomach problem and other such natural issues.

As far as results are concerned, many of them have talked about impressive muscle gains. They have mentioned figures as impressive of 5.2 pound muscle mass gain. Further, many of them are quite happy about the 3% fat loss once a cycle of six weeks has been completed.

Quite a few of these users were also very impressed with the increase of stamina, endurance power and other such attributes. They also had quite a few good things to say about the efficacy of YK11 even at low and minimum dosages. Quite a few reviews talk about the users getting the best possible results even at low dosages of 5 mg per day. This dosage has been continued by them for the entire six weeks.

Hence when it comes to a combination of efficient bulking at the low dosage or when it comes to improving strength and stamina, there are many reasons to believe that YK11 could be the trendsetter and a path-breaking drug for bodybuilders, athletes, and others. There also could be many other benefits when it comes to treating certain diseases and medical conditions. Hence, it is quite obvious that YK11 does have a good future provided it passes the safety & efficiency factors when it is tested on human beings.

The Final Word

To conclude there is no doubt that SARMS will be the way forward for those who wish to increase their muscle mass safely, effectively, and within a reasonable period of time. From a specific point of view, it is quite obvious that YK11 could be highly popular and much sought after drug that offers a number of benefits. It could be considered as the complete and total solution for managing excess weight along with the prime objective of improving body build and other such attributes.

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