Ibutamoren (MK677): pro’s & con’s of this SARMS

Overview of Ibutamoren

Getting concrete information on SARMs and similar products/supplements can be challenging for newcomers. For example, when you look for Ibutamoren information, you’re going to encounter a variety of names right off the bat. You will see the name “MK-677.” You will also encounter the name Nutrobal MK 677. There are even some individuals who will call this supplement by the name Nutrocubalisis. Which one is worth paying attention to?

The answer is all of them. That is because we are talking about the same thing, regardless of which of those names you use. That is one of the first things to keep in mind with this supplement. The next thing is the fact that while it is frequently included with SARMs, it is not in fact a member of that particular family. They are often lumped together, particularly since they provide many similar benefits, but the truth of the matter is that you are talking about two completely different supplements.

Despite being almost entirely identical, you will want to understand that Ibutamoren is quite possibly the only lean muscle product to also induce restful sleep. Furthermore, it does not interfere with certain aspects of your body in ways that SARMs can. For these reasons, among others, MK677 has become one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements to be found anywhere.

At the same time, it can quite frankly offer a wide range of benefits to just about anyone who is interested.

Ibutamoren Background

First developed more than 20 years ago, Ibutamoren gained significant attention in fairly short order for promising a wide array of benefits. These benefits started with the chance to build lean muscle mass quickly. However, with additional studies and reviews, the list of benefits associated with MK677 has grown to a meaningful degree.

While this supplement seemingly has a great deal to offer, it is important to remember that studies are still being carried out on the long-term impact of using Nutrobal MK677. In the present, and with information that goes back a number of years at this point, we can see that there is a lot to be excited about with this drug. It also does not seem to offer much in the way of side effects, at least as far as the short-term is concerned. At the same time, bodybuilding experts and others strongly suggest keeping an eye into the ongoing research that is being done into MK677.

At this point, we can dive deep into the subject of Ibutamoren pros and cons. You can start with the fact that MK677 activates what are known as your Ghrelin receptors.

Ibutamoren Pros And Cons

When we start to consider the long list of Ibutamoren pros, as well as the fact that there are very few downsides at this point in time, we can see the main underlying reason for its enduring popularity. The most significant benefit you have probably heard about at this point in time is the fact that it promises to build lean muscle mass in a viable fashion.

It most certainly brings this benefit to the table. Ibutamoren has been shown in a wide range of studies to improve lean muscle mass over a fairly short amount of time. While this benefit is impressive on its own, things get even more interesting when we connect this benefit to some of the other advantages that are associated with this supplement. This is particularly true with the way Ibutamoren works to improve your overall energy levels. This means that not only are you eliminating fat, which is replaced with lean muscle mass, but you are gaining greater amounts of energy and strength for whatever you may have in mind. This is one of the biggest reasons as to why this supplement has been so popular with bodybuilders in particular.

However, while the appeal for bodybuilders is clear, it is important to keep the benefits of the supplement as a whole in mind. This will be the point in which you can see why it has something to offer a wide range of individuals from an equally-wide range of backgrounds.

For example, Ibutamoren promotes higher and stronger levels of bone density. This is why the supplement has been explored as an option for those who experience bone degenerative diseases/disorders. It has also been shown to work at promoting improved memory and other cognitive functions. This is due to the fact that it works alongside your insulin growth factors. You can also see this as the opportunity to increase your overall focus. Again, this is another benefit that can prove appealing to not only bodybuilders, but to anyone who simply wants more energy and stronger degrees of focus. The fact that the supplement can repair nerve damage, while even promoting good health with your heart and your kidneys, are further benefits that can be attractive to just about anyone.

It gets better. Studies show that Ibutamoren can help to promote long-lasting weight loss benefits. This is done by increasing your metabolic rate, which can certainly be useful towards just about any diet or exercise goals you may have in mind. Not only has this supplement been shown to improve your skin quality and hair health, it has even been shown to improve your overall sexual performance, as well.

Finally, Ibutamoren can be taken orally. This is certainly a far cry from the days of having to rely on injections to achieve the sorts of results we have discussed so far.

With so many potential benefits, it can be difficult to imagine that there are any downsides to taking Ibutamoren. Among moderate users, the only side effects that have been discussed are the presence of numb hands, as well as an increase in appetite. The increase in appetite can obviously be problematic, if you don’t plan to do anything in the way of diet or exercise. Furthermore, there is the potential for the supplement to negatively interact with those who suffer from diabetes or cancer. In the specific case of cancer, it is even possible to increase the presence of cancer cells. It should go without saying that you will want to discuss your current health with your director, with respect to taking Ibutamoren.

If you are diabetic, you will want to keep in mind that this supplement can sometimes increase your blood sugar levels. Water retention is also something that can potentially occur.

Nonetheless, while potential side effects should be taken seriously, it should be noted that these side effects have really only been an issue for those who take Ibutamoren in great amounts for long periods of time. Proper dosages are vital, as well as giving your body a chance to relax between cycles. You may experience a drop in energy during one of these rest periods.

Ibutamoren Dosage

Maintaining proper dosages is essential to enjoying the benefits of Ibutamoren, without having to worry about side effects. It is highly recommended that beginners start in the neighborhood of 5mg in a single day. As time goes on, you can up the dosage to as much as 20mg. While there are some who take more, experts do not suggest going beyond 20 milligrams.

Eight to twelve weeks is considered an ideal cycle, followed by a period of rest.


As you can see, there is a great deal to Ibutamoren that is worth serious consideration on your part.