Sarms vs Prohormones: Which one is the strongest?

SARMs VS ProHormones Reviewed

SARMs and ProHormones are two of the most talked-about performance-enhancing drugs in the fitness and bodybuilding world. And if you have been in the bodybuilding world for some time, then you will know these drugs are used by top bodybuilding athletes to improve their muscle gains and get the desired physique. As you know that building a solid physique is not a cup of tea and there are many factors like muscle recovery, proper dieting, proper workouts that plays a very vital role in the muscle-building process.

Bodybuilders are fitness enthusiasts have been taking performance-enhancing drugs like SARMs and ProHormones to improve their muscle gains and build a lean physique for a very long time. But the interesting thing is that SARMs and ProHormones are considered as competitors and still it is a debatable topic that which one is better.

So if you have any queries related to any of them, then this article has a lot to offer. In this article, you will get a comprehensive differentiation between SARMs vs ProHormones, which will provide you all the important information. So let’s begin with the SARMs.

What Are SARMs?

SARMs or you can say Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are a unique group of androgen receptor molecules. However, they have some similar chemical properties as anabolic steroids but they were first developed to deal with bone and muscle wasting diseases such as HIV/AIDs, cancer, etc. Because they provide similar benefits as anabolic steroids, bodybuilders started using them and soon they became extremely popular in the bodybuilding industry. The main difference SARMs and other performance-enhancing drugs are that they have fewer side effects and are very selective in the action mechanism.

This simply means that SARMs can help you build muscle mass and burn fat without providing any negative effect on the liver and prostate. Due to this reason, SARMs caught the attention of both scientists and bodybuilders as well. If you are looking to lose weight in a healthy manner then this thing can help you a lot. Similarly, it can help bodybuilders to gain muscle mass. Coming back to the bodybuilding field, SARMs can increase your body strength and boost the levels of your endurance, stamina, nitrogen retention, and protein synthesis, which can help you perform intense workouts for longer durations.

One of the main things that set SARMs apart from others is that they don’t break down into unnecessary molecules such as estrogen, which is the main factor that causes side effects. Apart from this, SARMs also doesn’t get transformed into 5-a reeducates, an enzyme that changes testosterone into DHT. This is the reason why many bodybuilders prefer SARMs, so they can easily get the desired physique without putting their body in a risky state.

Benefits Of SARMs

1- Increase Muscle Mass

One of the main benefits of SARMs is that they increase your muscle mass very rapidly. As compared to a natural person, people who are taking SARMs can gain two or three times more muscle mass. They boost the protein synthesis and the nitrogen retention in the body, which fastens the muscle development rate. Though you should remember that SARMs is not a magical drug and you will have to do hard work and follow a good diet plan to see better results.

2- Boost Recovery

Along with workout and nutrition, body recovery is also important to gain muscle and lose fat. SARMs reduces the recovery period, which enables you to work out better. After an intense workout, your muscles get sore and they need time to grow bigger and stronger. SARMs helps your body to recover from this soreness. This helps you lift weights for longer duration without feeling any tiredness or pain.

3- Reduce Body Fat

Another great advantage of SARMs is that it reduces your body fat without impacting your muscle mass. Along with this, SARMs can be also be stacked with other steroids, which make them a perfect complementary compound. This means that if you use them correctly, then it can help you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.

4- More Energy

SARMs also works as amazing energy boosters and due to this, they help you lift heavier weights easily. It is used by both professional bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to increase their strength, so they can feel motivated and powerful during the whole workout. They also enable you to make a better muscle-mind connection, which makes your body grow faster.

Side Effects Of SARMs

1- Testosterone Suppression

The major side effect of SARMs is that it can affect your natural hormone system and suppress your testosterone levels. However, if you compare SARMs with other performance-enhancing drugs, then the side effects are lower, but still, you should use a post cycle therapy to recover your body back to normal.

2- Acne

SARMs have similar side-effects as anabolic steroids, that’s why if you use them, then you may get acne. Now the severity varies from person to person but acne is a very common side-effect of using SARMs that the majority of people experience. Apart from this, some people have also reported that they also experienced hair fall during the SARMs cycle. So you should be ready and prepared for these kinds of problems.

These were some pros and cons of SARMs along with all the basic information. Now it’s time to talk about ProHormones.

What Are ProHormones?

ProHormones are older than SARMs and they have been in the bodybuilding world for a long time. In other words, they are considered as chemical precursors that are known for providing the same effects as anabolic-androgenic steroids. Before SARMs, ProHormones were being used by athletes to increase muscle mass. The work structure of ProHormones is very simple. When ProHormones enter your body, they get converted into anabolic hormones, which provides an anabolic effect to the body, resulting in more muscle and less fat. ProHormones are not as powerful as the other anabolic steroids, that’s why they also have fewer side effects. You can say that it is the relative of steroids but with less effectiveness and side effects.

Now that doesn’t mean it is completely safe, in fact, it can cause estrogen-related problems such as gynecomastia and bloating. Apart from this, ProHormones force your body to work harder and can provide good muscle gains in a shorter period.

Benefits Of ProHormones

1- Better Athletic Performance

One of the main benefits of ProHormones is that they improve your athletic performance. The results are not just limited to bodybuilders but sports professionals can also useful it all different purposes. ProHormones boost the red blood cell production, which is responsible for carrying the nutrients and oxygen to other cells. And due to this, your energy and endurance level increases that enhances your performance. As you know that our cells require oxygen for energy, so when you take ProHormones, your body produces more RBCs, which increases your overall strength.

2- Better Muscle Growth

ProHormones positively balance the nitrogen levels in the cells, which helps you gain more muscle mass. The best thing about ProHormones is that they only increase lean muscle without adding any extra fat. Apart from this, nitrogen retention also increases the protein synthesis rate, which boosts the recovery process and enables your muscles to grow bigger and stronger.

3- Provides Dry Gains

ProHormones are also very effective for people who want to get a dry look. Unlike some other performance-enhancing drugs, it doesn’t make you big and bulky. Though it will increase your muscle but if you use it and stack properly, then it can also provide you a dry-striated look.

Side Effects Of ProHormones

Estrogenic Effects

One of the most common side effects of using ProHormones is that it increases the size of your nipples and cause gynecomastia. Though this effect generally happens to people who use multiple cycles of ProHormones but still, you should be careful while using it. The best way to avoid it is by reducing the dosages.

Hepatic Toxicity

ProHormones can also cause liver toxicity, which is a very severe problem. ProHormones bypass your liver and can also cause fatty liver diseases. That’s why if you have any kind of liver-related issues, then you must ask your doctor before starting the cycle. Apart from this, ProHormones also cause some other diseases such as liver cancer and cirrhosis.


SARMs and ProHormones, both have their own space in the bodybuilding industry and people use them according to their goals and needs. One thing you have to keep in mind is that no chemical is completely safe and you will experience some side effects if you put them in your body. Though oral chemical drugs are slightly less dangerous than the injectable ones but they can also create some problems. It doesn’t matter whether you take SARMs or ProHormones, you will gain some decent amount of muscles but you should never forget that they can also severely harm your body and cause different kinds of health problems. That’s why it is recommended to prepare well before using any chemical performance enhancers.

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